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'Many thanks for the great presentation, we found it supportive, informative and fun'

Kingston Grammar School

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Talks for Parents

At All About RSE we firmly believe that parents have a crucial role to play in helping their children understand and navigate all the information they receive about relationships and sex.

Many parents tell us they are not sure where to start or how to support and help their children when it comes to talking about sex.

We are pleased to say that we now offer a talk for parents helping them to get a better understanding of what it is like for the younger generation in the 21st century especially when it comes to relationships and sex.

The aim of the talk is to give parents useful information and tips that will encourage them in supporting their children as they grow up and make decisions about relationships and sex.

The evening is informal and friendly and no one is put on the spot or expected to know everything.

Parents who have attended the talk in the past have commented on how useful it was and how they were greatly relieved to find out that many parents had similar questions or concerns to them.

Please just contact us if you would like more information.

Talks for Teachers

Teaching Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) as part of the PSHE syllabus can raise a number of concerns for teachers. PSHE and RSE are regularly sited as being poor in many schools (Ofsted 2013: Not yet good enough) and this can be off putting for staff.

At All About RSE we are happy to come and deliver a brief talk and presentation to staff (ideal for inset days) to give all teachers and staff an overview of what it is like for 21st Century teenagers living in a very sexualised society.

The aim of the session is to give staff a greater insight into the pressures on young people today when it comes to sex and relationships.

The talk is not about handing over lesson plans and giving teachers ‘a script’ but is more about supporting teachers in discussing the issues their school faces and then considering how they might go forward.

We feel very privileged to meet so many staff in many schools that endeavour to deliver a great PSHE /RSE programme and we are always happy to do anything we can to support staff in developing their RSE programme.

Please just contact us if you would like more information.