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Her lessons are developed to be appropriate to the year group she is working with and students find her friendly manner allows them to ask questions and learn in a safe environment.

Esther has excellent subject knowledge and updates her teaching resources regularly.

St Paul’s Girls’ School, Hammersmith

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Lessons & Topics

Sex and Relationships Education is commonly taught within the PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) syllabus.

National guidance from the DfES (Sex and Relationship Education Guidance, published in July 2000) advises schools on the provision of sex and relationships education:

  • RSE should support young people through their physical, emotional and moral development.
  • Formal RSE will be taught through compulsory science lessons and during other, specific lessons often called PHSE (Personal, Social and Health Education).
  • Informally, children will learn about RSE through the values and ethos of the school.

This DfES guidance also encourages schools to use professional and appropriately skilled workers from the community to assist them in the delivery of excellent RSE . (Ref: DfEE 0116/2000)

Complementing PSHE programmes

Our sessions are designed to fit in with and reinforce subjects that schools are already covering within their PSHE programme. These might include: healthy lifestyles, alcohol & drugs, personal responsibility and unplanned pregnancy. We find this approach enhances the learning outcomes for the students as they are not looking at a topic in isolation.

Consequently our lessons are quite varied. Some examples are:

Year Goup Key Stage Topics
Year 6 KS2 Puberty and growing up/ self esteem/ relationships
HIV awareness & understanding
Babies- their needs and development.
Year 7 KS3 Body Image/self esteem
Introduction to the Law and sex
Recap or introduction to understanding the body.
Media messages about relationships and sex
Year 8 KS3 HPV information Talk
Choices about relationships & introduction to contraception and sexual health
Young women’s bodies/ young men’s bodies and health
Year 9-10 KS3-KS4 Relationships – what makes a good one?
Media/peer pressure concerning sexual activity at an early age
Choices and outcomes – making healthy choices
Alcohol and sexual health
Consent – what it means
Unplanned pregnancy – what happens next?
Year 11-13 KS4 Young adults and sexual health
Relationships and consent
Going to university and staying safe

Please do contact us to discuss the requirements of your school and students.