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Sarah has a friendly yet professional manner with students, leading discussions in a nurturing way and allowing the youngsters to tackle these sensitive matters without embarrassment.

PSHCE Teacher, Teddington School

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“Young people who have good sex and relationship education at home and at school, start sex later and are less likely to have an unplanned pregnancy or to get a sexually transmitted infection.”

What do young people and their parents want from RSE?

Research by BRMB on behalf of the Department of Health. December 2000

What young people say:

  • They want to learn about sex and relationships from their parents / carers.
  • They want more than just the biological facts. They want to talk about feelings and morals.
  • They want adults to answer their questions.
  • Just over half found it easy to talk to a parent about sex.*

What parents say:

  • They have anxieties about sex and relationships and their children.
  • 84% say there would be fewer teenage pregnancies if more parents talked to their children about sex.*
  • 87% feel too many teenagers are pressurised into having sex.*
  • Many find TV programmes or a book a helpful way to raise the subject.*
  • One in three mums and two in three dads have not told their children ‘a lot or anything’ about sex and relationships.*


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